Keepers of Americana

As we document the efforts to preserve Americana, we are marveled at the non profit groups and museums all over the country doing the heavy lifting to save history. Be it the Library of Congress with it’s massive collections — some dating back to Thomas Jefferson, or just a small one room museum in West Virginia telling the story of the Hatfield-McCoy Feud. On an old World War Two ship that sailed to Normandy on D-Day, one of the last flying B-29 bombers, or in an old steam powered lumber mill brought back to life — these places take history way past the textbooks — and let you see, touch, smell the old days. In Ely Nevada, they will let you be an engineer in a steam powered train engine. In Lone Pine, California, they will take you to the very place Roy Rodgers or John Wayne stood in any number of old Western movies. Trail groups will take you out onto the Oregon trail, when the winds kick up, your cell phones shuts off and you are a hundred miles from internet reception, and 20 miles from fresh water — well, you will have a sense of what it was like. These Keepers of Americana introduce us to a different piece of the puzzle — showing us who we are and how we got here.

the wing walkers. Super Cool!

Took a look at your video featuring the wing walkers. Super Cool!!!

Jen G.

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