Big Stories of Americana

For several years we have been documenting the fantastic efforts of volunteers, non profit groups, museums, government agencies, and especially the specialist in historic preservation that have been doing just that — preserving our history. Our Big Stories tell a complete story of each individual effort at Saving Americana. We meet the crew that restored the Apollo Mission control back to the way it was on the very day Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Others have restored old steam powered trains — and an old Liberty Ship that was part of the D-Day landings. We travel to New Orleans and San Francisco where specialists in home restoration are saving a look and style right out of the 18 hundreds. In Kansas, we meet the team that has helped preserve one of the last flying B-29’s, and in Texas the last place making the old windmills. The Oregon Trail, The Lincoln Highway, old barns and the draft horses that pulled the wagons — all saved and preserved by this remarkable team of history lovers. These are the Big Stories of Saving Americana.

Looking forward to seeing this

Looking forward to seeing this!

Gail H.

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