Small Town

Small Town Americana

As you travel across America, the interstates will take you from one big city to the next. But it’s the back roads — the old two lane blue highways that will really show you America. So much history unfolds in the small towns. Hartville, Wyoming — long past it’s prime now has a population of just 62 people. But here you will find more than the oldest Bar in Wyoming — you get the story of the real wild west — the shootouts, the miners and the nearby Oregon Trail. In Metamora, Indiana you will find another town that once boomed. But in it’s old buildings, the Whitewater Canal, the ghost stories and the bluegrass music you will find why preserving Small Town Americana so important.

Spent a year doing theatre in WV

Love this! Spent a year doing theatre inWest Virginia, produced by the same company that does an outdoor summer drama about this feud. Glad they are done fightin’

Randye K.

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