History Hero: Connie Werner

Connie and Don Werner are a team saving history with their own hands. In a way, they relive history. In the eastern Kansas town of Horton, they run Werner Wagon Works. Since 1988 they have rebuild old historic wagons, and new replicas from scratch including a Prairie Schooner – which were popular in on the Oregon Trail in the mid 19th century..

Many of their wagons are on display at museums all across the country. Connie is a specialist at crafting and sewing the canvas coverings for covered wagons. And the couple even take their wagons on reenactments of wagon trains right on the Oregon Trail.


They live right near the path of the old trails that began in Missouri — and crossed west through Kansas and into Nebraska. Connie and Don also are members of the National Pony Express Association, and rode on many of the rides over the years. You can learn a little about Connie and Don in our video short Old Wagons of the Great Road West, and Pony Express: Back on the Trail.





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