History Hero: Brian Covey

Brian is one of a diminishing population of people who know how to engineer a classic old steam locomotive. You will find him running trips from Carson City Nevada to Virginia City on the V&T Railroad (Virginia & Truckee). He started at age 19 — and has been a steam engineer since 2000. The line started operations in 1868 to transport goods to Virginia City and ore from the mines. It was restored in the early 1990’s and now thrills tourists on frequent runs up the hill into Virginia City. And we do mean “up the hill.”  On the ride you will see wild horse, distant views of the mountains, and remnants of the old mining days. 

Brian has learned to recognize all the sounds of the engine.  They tell him when to slow, when to speed up — when to adjust the controls.

You can meet him in our video

On the V&T Railroad

Small Town: Virginia City

Or soon on our Big Story: Magic of the Rails

This is the 1860’s,  right before your eyes. This is Saving Americana in a loud way.



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