History Hero: Rex Carnegie

Rex Carnegie is the Director of Education and Partnerships for Georgetown Heritage.  The group, in conjunction with the National Park Service, has built and launched a replica of one of the Packet boats that would have worked the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal.  Boat trips on the C&O have begun again from Georgetown, in Washington D.C. Rex takes his knowledge of history and his passion for storytelling and joins tourists on the new boat – telling the story of the canal that first opened in the 1850’s. The canal was first proposed and lobbied by President George Washington. He knew the key to the future was to the west, and hoped to build a canal from Washington D.C to Pittsburgh on the Ohio River. The canal never made it that far, but in its hay-day pulled coal and raw materials out of the Appalachian Mountains into the new capital, and shipped finished goods west to the new frontier. In Georgetown, we get a feel of what it must have been like and Rex and others, help us better understand our past.



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