History Hero: Elizabeth Sommer

Some people just crave adventure. As a flight attendant for a major airline, Elizabeth Sommer is a world traveler, constantly on the go. On the side she runs marathons and is a fitness guru. But come the weekend, you will see this flight attendant out ON the wing, during flight. 

She’s part of of “The Flying Circus Airshow,” in Bealeton,  Virginia. This adventurous group takes to the air each Sunday in Summer doing wild tricks in vintage Stearman biplanes — first used to train pilots in World War Two. They are recreating the early days of flight — when The Barnstormers went from town to town to show Americans the new flying machines.  Charles Lindbergh, Wyley Post, Amelia Earhart were all flying the circut. They would land in farm fields, sleep in barns, and put on a show for small towns. For millions of Americans in the 1920’s it was the first time they saw an airplane. Imagine all the young kids watching these shows — dreaming go growing up to be just like their new flying Heroes. But nothing thrilled crowds like the wing walkers. Elizabeth has joined the club of just a handful of people worldwide who do this wild dance up there on the wing. You will see her in our Special Program under construction and this short preview called “The New Barnstormers.”




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