History Hero: Warren Davey

Warren Davey is a retired school teacher from Melbourne, Australia with a life long love of American Westerns. No, we mean he REALLY loves the westerns and for nearly 20 years has flow from Australia to Southern California to teach, and the learn about the old films.

He and fellow Aussie Ross Schnioffsky have traveled to the Lone Pine Film Festival each October. The Film Festival is put on by the Museum of Western Film History. Just west of Lone Pine you find The Alabama Hills, and it is here the early westerns were filmed because of the unique rock formations. You can spot specific locations where iconic scenes were filmed and Warren has loved learning about location hunting. Most important, he give us a sense of how the old westerns reached out and captivated people the world over — projecting an interesting view of America. You can learn more about Warren in our shot video The Lone Pine Aussies.



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